Electronics Recycling

If you want to dispose of your electronics efficiently and dependably, look no further than KRP Waste Solutions. We are a premier waste removal company catering to the diverse needs of our clients for recycling electronics items. We understand that recycling is not only limited to cans, paper, and bottles. If you’re accustomed to discarding some things, such as batteries, bulbs, and TV remotes (to name a few), hold it right there. It’s time to work with the most trusted name in the recycling industry – KRP Waste Solutions.

We know that electronics include heavy metals that cause harm to the environment if discarded. We encourage people to have their old electronic devices and end-of-life batteries recycled. The components in these devices can be used once again for producing new devices. Electronic waste, also called e-waste and e-scrap, is the junk all of us produce from damaged, leftover, and outdated electronic items.

Why Choose KRP Waste Solutions?

We, at KRP Waste Solutions, offer safe and reliable electronic recycling services of the highest quality. We know that electronics waste can lead to environmental hazards, if not handled effectively. Devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., lose their value and become garbage, which is of no use. So, instead of having them dumped in the junkyard, it’s useful to partner with a leading waste removal company that can recycle such devices.

Batteries from devices, including mobile phones, cameras, and laptops, often contain harmful chemicals and other materials that can pose a high risk to the environment. We ensure that batteries contained in all of the above reach the right recycling point, where they belong.

What Batteries Do We Accept?

We accept batteries of any size, shape or chemical composition for recycling purposes. They include:

  • Alkaline
  • Lead Acid
  • Primary Lithium
  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Magnesium

Recycling batteries is the best and most eco-friendly alternative to merely having them disposed of only to make it to the dumping ground. One of the reasons for hiring us is that batteries, being non-biodegradable, do not break down in junkyards. They can lead to contamination if not disposed of properly.

Even disposing of bulbs is a big challenge on its own, since most of them consist of materials that are unsafe. KRP Waste Solutions offers you the most comprehensive solutions when you need to recycle your bulbs. The process of recycling bulbs is better compared to other bulb destruction option, which usually crush bulbs. We ensure that a hundred percent of your bulb components are recycled.

Call us and get everything done in one place. Our trucks can get into all sorts of spaces without issues.