On Demand Pickup

KRP Waste Solutions is a leading waste removal company that offers adaptable and dependable on demand trash pickup services of the highest standards. From the disposal of large or heavy items, to extra trash from construction and renovation projects, we go above and beyond to make the entire process a lot easier.

Using a standard waste service can sometimes handle what you need to discard, but when it cannot, KRP Waste Solutions provides its valued clients with secure and effective solutions for getting rid of bulky or oversized items, such as appliances or furniture.

Do you have some old waste lying around in your home? Are you looking for the most effective way to get rid of trash?

 No matter what the reason, KRP Waste Solutions can collect and take your waste items – whether bulk or large items – to a junkyard or trash site. It’s entirely at your discretion whether you want to schedule a one-time or weekly waste pickup. You can even schedule a pickup for furniture and other large appliances.

What Sets KRP Waste Solutions Apart?

KRP Waste Solutions provides useful, affordable, and simple solutions. Some items we can help you get rid of with a large waste pickup consist of:

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Sinks, Toilets, and Bathtubs
  • Appliances
  • Other things that seem incredibly large or too numerous to fit in your bin

There are some cases when you need to have doors or parts of your large items removed before they’re taken to the curb. We are your trusted partner for large waste pickup. We offer our customers top-quality on demand trash pickup services and various options to help them meet their needs.

 Reach out to our customer support team should you need more information about what items need secure preparation. We will help you every step of the way if you have any concerns or questions about what products you can and can’t discard.

Call us and get everything done in one place. Our trucks can get into all sorts of spaces without issues.