October 4, 2019

KRP – Your Waste Disposal Services Company

The summer is over and you have finally finished that big renovation project you wanted to get done before the wet rain came in. You did get some help from friends and family, but the only person who was on the job every day this summer was you. You had the plans, you had the idea, you made the budget, and you put on the finishing touches to what is now a lovely basement suite. The best thing about the project is that you had the foresight to hire waste disposal services for the duration of the project. It is because of that bright idea that you can now just stand and watch as the last of the waste is being carted away from your property.

It all started with an idea a few months ago. You wanted to get a bit more income to help pay off the mortgage faster. You also knew that a house with an entire legal unit downstairs will sell for more than one with an unfinished basement piled with junk. You did some research and you did some budgeting and you drew up your plans. Then you started working on the place. Right away you realized that all the waste that will accumulate while you work will become a hazard in the work area. So, you called a reputable company that offers waste disposal services and had them come and delivers a receptacle that you filled up as the job went on. When the bin was full, the company came and took it away. You felt at ease, because the company would know better than you about disposing of all that waste in the most environmentally friendly way.

Now the job is done, and the receptacle is gone, and you have a clean yard, a clean basement suite, and a clean environmental conscience. You did everything by the book. You did it so well that you came in under budget, because the waste disposal service was much more cost efficient than carting away the waste by yourself. As you do one last check of the place before turning out the lights and waiting for prospective renters to come and look around tomorrow, you are filled with pride and a great sense of accomplishment, and you have every right to feel that way.

KRP Waste Solutions was there for you with this project and if you ever need to take on another job or if you know of someone who is in need of waste disposal services, call the people you trust.