June 26, 2020

Bin Rental Services: Common Mistakes People Make While Renting a Bin

Bin Rental

Do you need rental bins for your construction site, renovation project, or trash removal from your building? Are you looking for a bin rental services provider? Read this blog first. In this blog, we are going tell you about some common mistakes that people make while renting a bin.

Selecting Wrong Bins

 Bin rental services providers offer their rental bins in many different sizes. Most people don’t think much about the bin size they should select. They order just any bin. This is a big mistake. If you have a large amount of waste and you select a small bin, then you have to rent many bins and pay for all bins. On the other hand, if you have a small amount of waste and you rent the largest bin, then you will waste your money on the wrong bin. Thus, you should think seriously which bin size you need. If you are unsure about the bin size you need, you can talk about the same to the bin rental services provider. They will ask you some questions about the waste and then suggest you the best bin for your needs.

Overloading the Bins

Every bin has a capacity and that bin should not be loaded more than its capacity. Bin rental services providers also have proper guidelines regarding it. So, when you rent a bin, you should ask the bin rental company how much waste you can throw in the bin. If you overload the bin, the bin rental company can ask you to pay extra money for putting waste beyond its capacity.

What Not to Throw in Bins

You cannot throw just anything in their bins. Every company has a proper guideline regarding it.  You should know these guidelines before renting their services. You must ask the company about the same. You must ask them what you can throw in their bins and what you cannot. If you throw anything that they don’t allow, they can impose a fine on you for this mistake.

Calling the Bin Rental Company after the Scheduled Date

You should fill up the rented bin before the scheduled date and time. If you don’t call the company to take the bin before the scheduled date and time, they can ask you to pay additional money as per the clauses of their terms and services. So, if you don’t want to pay any extra money, you should keep the scheduled return date and time in your mind.